SAFARE STG - Structural Glazing System Print E-mail
stgAL-SAFA special Structural Glazing system SAFARE STG, is developed under the carefull study of AL-SAFA Aluminium company management, engineering department, and design group and is available in various sizes and thickness to match the architectural and mechanical requirements for different design sizes and heights of buildings.
SAFARE CW - Curtain Wall System Print E-mail
cwAL-SAFA special curtain wall system SAFARE-CW, is designed carefully as the way structural glazing system is. The design features of SAFARE-CW delivers advantages to the designers/architects and building owners. various sizes and thickness available to match the architectural and mechanical requirements of buildings..
SAFARE FLG - Frameless Glazing System Print E-mail
fgAL-SAFA Frameless glass system,  is using 8, 10, and 12mm thick tempered glass for Fixed panes or Doors with side lites and transoms.
Regular or spider fittings & accessories are available, while doors are equipped with floor mounted door closer, Door pull & push bar, patch fitting and lock set.



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