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The following, our precious customers, is a simple guide that will simply explain the step-by-step procedure to purchase our products.

1- The need: In every residential, industrial, or commercial project, our products are a need. This usually starts from the project sketches and scratch design which will, later on, take place on site.
2- The start: Once the first step is done, design is finalized, and building is being erected, You have to choose a certain product that fits your project's design and requirements. A list of our all products can be found in the products main menu "Catalogs". After this, a visit to one of our showroom or the head office is necessary. There you can see live samples of the chosen products and , with the help of our expert sales representatives; you will be able to settle down the major specifications of the desired items (Profiles color, glass type and its color, fitting accessories, and other issues).
3- The site survey: Our sales representative in Head Office, Dammam,Khobar,Hassa, or Riyadh will set an appointment to visit the project's site in your attendance. During this visit, a site engineer will take rough measurements for all the required openings those you intend to furnish with our products. He will accordingly determine the proper systems to be used, and then forward those measurements again to the sales representative who will apply the chosen specifications to the proper systems and will send to the head office via e-mail.
You yourself can sometimes do This step by you yourself once you have the proper final detailed drawings from a certified engineering office. You can even e-mail them to us through our "Contact Us" menu as an attachment.
4- The estimate: In the head office, the received mesurements will be archived, and then forwarded to the estimation department where a team of expert and qualified employees are working on a specialized software with secured data base and standard calculation procedures. Usually the full detailed price offer (quotation) takes 1 to 5 days to be released.
5- The agreement: Our showroom managers and sales representatives will contact you as soon as the price offer (quotation) is done. They can fax or send it by e-mail to you, but it is better to meet them to review the items and insure the right specification. When all is done, standatrd contract should be signed including the terms and condition of the operation (work duration, terms of payments, delivery and process obligations, warranty, site conditions, general work rules, and contract validity).
6- The Production: After the contract, the down payment, and the drawings approval, another site survey will take place for final measurements, then production will schedule the work according to the major production plan and the contract's agreed delivery date.
7- The installation: When production is done, All items will be sent to our ready material store and will be kept there until it is financially released due to the final payment you pay based on the invoices issued with actual quantities and measurements of the fabricated items. A hand-over document should be signed by you, when all the job is perfectly done.
8- The after-sale service: According to our contracts, Ten years warranty is given to maintain any damaged items, or replaces them only if this damage is caused by any manufacturing deffects. Even when the warranty period expires, our services continue, through mentainance contracts with minimum possible charges.


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